Yes, all blueprint’s orders we receive will be stapled together before shipping, unless you ask us not to.

Once your order is picked up by the courrier’s company at our offices, the shipping delay is 1 to 2 business days. We are not responsible for any problem’s or delay the shipping company may have but we work with the most trusted and reliable company’s available to make sure you get your order on time.

We only accept PDF files for blueprint orders.

It is usually possible to print a bigger size thant the one you have in your PDF file that you have sent without any significant loss in the image quality as long as we do not exceed twice the original file size.

For example, if your blueprint in your PDF file is 24×36 inches, we could print it out to 36×48 inches. However, if your blueprint in your PDF file is 11×17 inches, it would not be optimal to print it out to 36×48 inches as the images might get blurry.

Since the size adjustment is done directly in the machine, we cannot see the final result until it is printed, and therefore cannot guarantee the result. It is always better to just send your file with the actual final printed size you deisre for your blueprint order.

The 24×36 inches size is the most common, but we also see a lot of 36×48 inches and 18×24 inches blueprint orders. However, we can print any size blueprint you may require.

To make sure your printed blueprints are of high resolution and easy on the eyes when reading them, we recommend using a minimum line thickness of 0.2 pts, and ideally 0.33 pts for a better result.

Your text’s thickness should use a font of a minimum of 2.25 pts.