At lavalblueprint.com, our state-of-the-art equipment allows our team members to produce all of your blueprint printing needs at lightning speed.

Thanks to our brand new Canon Océ Plotwave 365, purchased in August 2020, we will easily and to your satisfaction print all your orders for black and white blueprints and color scanning needs as well.

This multifunction printer can print in black and white and scan in full color all your blueprints up to a size of 48 inches in width, in record time. Plus, with its built-in output tray that can stack up to 50 sheets, the task of assembling and / or stitching your engineering prints is done very quickly. The software interface allows us to work safely in the cloud, which simplifies the classification of sometimes large files, a task that no longer has to be done on a computer’s hard drive, thus not slowing down the computer managing the printer.

When it comes to printing your color blueprints, we are equipped with an Océ Colorwave 600 color.

Just like the Océ Plotwave 365 black and white printer, the Colorwave 600 can print your full color blueprints very quickly up to a size of 48 inches wide and it also has a built-in output tray allowing it to stack up to at 50 sheets. Its advanced technology allows it to print in color on a variety of media other than paper, such as self-adhesive vinyl, synthetic paper and even recycled paper.

The Océ CrystalPoint Wax Ink Pearls System is odorless and leaves no powder residue that could soil the machine or the prints. With zero ozone emissions, it is one of the most environmentally friendly ink systems available.

Our Océ equipment will make it easier for our staff to produce high-quality blueprints for all of our customers, whether they are building contractors, plumbers, electricians or other construction trades, such as architects, landscapers, interior designers, urban planning workers and others. Send your blueprint orders before noon and you can pick them up the same day before 4 p.m. at our Laval offices.